Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced!

Arthur Darby Nock

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
And only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Browning

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

This King is Weird

Lord, we come to worship the savior you sent us...

And we marvel at the manner of the sending.

In the midst of political upheaval, we hoped for a king.

In the midst of wars and rumors of wars, we hoped for a general.

In the midst of religious tumult and controversy, we hoped for a high priest.

But you send us a baby.

[pause for bewildered reflection]

Interesting choice, God.

-Lawrence Lee


O King of our desire whom we despise,

King of the nations never on the throne,

Unfound foundation, cast-off cornerstone,

Rejected joiner, making many one,

You have no form or beauty for our eyes,

A King who comes to give away his crown,

A King within our rags of flesh and bone.

We pierce the flesh that pierces our disguise,

For we ourselves are found in you alone.

Come to us now and find in us your throne,

O King within the child within the clay,

O hidden King who shapes us in the play

Of all creation. Shape us for the day

Your coming Kingdom comes into its own.

          Malcolm Guite



It echoes from pulpits

Praise bands sing it out, loud


Across the world in churches large and small

People raise their hands and voices and proclaim

The King is Born

The King has come

The King rules


Unto you this day is born


Let’s hear it for the King!


But Christendom

We have a problem


The King so many expect

The King so many want

The King so many have created, and now present to the world

Is not the King who came


Jesus came to be a ruler.  Of that there is no doubt

This is why, in Matthew, after the child is born

King Herod is no longer king

He is only Herod


But how Jesus rules is a mystery


May we all find ourselves in the mystery

May we all lose ourselves in the mystery


May we understand that Christ the King

Will not be found by those seeking to dominate

To win

To control

To subdue and punish


This King will not be found hanging out in the White House

In the halls of congress

At the Supreme Court


This King will not rule through military might

Or a “well regulated militia” with guns

Or through coercive and controlling laws that benefit some and harm others

Through legislation that seek to control and sometimes eradicate


This King does not oppress, minimize, or marginalize


This King is weird


We should have picked that up at his birth

A baby, lying in straw, the child of common parents

Born on the bottom floor of a common home

Surrounded by common people

In a small rural town


We should have gotten the clue from the way he lived

From that life of compassion, welcome, and kindness

From the fact that he invited people to follow, but never demanded

From the sketchy crew who followed him

And from the type of people, the rich and the powerful, who rejected him


We should have understood from his refusal, from the very beginning

to the very end, to be a king like other kings


“Jesus laying down his life out of love rather than using all cosmic and political power to force the world to obey him is the eternal critique of any kind of Christianity that seeks to secure power in order to force others to conform to its will.” (Ben Cremer)


This King can only be found

in the one sleeping in a doorway on the street

in the hungry child

in the addict who has no hope

in the immigrant, denied entrance

in the person demonized because of where they are on the gender spectrum

in the older person, wondering how long they can stay in their home

how long their money will last


This king can only be found in the rubble of Gaza

In a bombed-out refugee center

Scaling the wall on America’s southern border

In homeless shelters

and in the poorest of neighborhoods

where empty store fronts echo with the sound of violence


This king is weird


But this King, if we let him touch our hearts with love

and fill our souls with love

can change our lives

can bend the world toward justice and equity

through us

Monday, December 25, 2023


Christmas is not a reminder that the world is really quite a nice old place. It reminds us that the world is a shockingly bad old place, where wickedness flourishes unchecked, where children are murdered, where civilized countries make a lot of money by selling weapons to uncivilized ones so they can blow each other apart. Christmas is God lighting a candle, and you don't light a candle in a room that's already full of sunlight. You light a candle in a room that's so murky that the candle, when lit, reveals just how bad things really are. The light shines in the darkness, says St. John, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

                                                              N.T. Wright, For All God's Worth



What happened to those shepherds

who heard the angels sing?

Who saw the darkness dispelled by light and heard good news for all


What happened to those foolish ones who haphazardly left their flocks

And stumbled through the darkness

To where the baby lay?


Did they dream wild new dreams?

Were their lives transformed?


Or did they merely wander back into the hills

Pick up their staffs, and sit once again in the cold stillness

The ardor of the moment cooling

The light fading?

And watch sheep?


What happened to those odd assorted souls who happened

by the scene

and awkwardly watched the sight of a motley crew

of socially sketchy folk

gathered around a mother and child?


Were they too touched by angel fire?

Did they too wander aimlessly, pondering these things that had come to pass?

The good news of great joy?

Or did they shrug and scurry on unchanged.


What happened to the cousins and aunts,

the family gathered upstairs in that warmer cleaner space?

Were they oblivious to the wonder underneath their feet?

Or did grace rise and touch the room in which they ate

And argued as families do?


What happened to merchants and kings

And magi from afar

As they heard the experts opine about that star

“Out of you Bethlehem… out of you shall come a ruler.”


What happened?

Did that star, those prophetic words mean something?

Or nothing


Did the signs and wonders invoke hope, or fear?

Did they stay trapped in their old beliefs and systems?

Did their stomachs clinch and the bile rise?

Or did they catch a glimmer of something new?


Surely the only stories are not those

Of mad kings plotting infant deaths

Of magi fleeing in the dark, another way


Surely stories of refugee flights in the darkness

and violent oppression are not all we have


Surely someone became kinder

Someone loved

Someone forgave

Someone felt moved to generosity


Surely someone felt hope

And someone gazed into the now silent skies,

And remembered the angels singing


For all that happened

And all that did not happen

The world slouches on its way


Still Christmas comes and goes, and comes and goes again

Still the air is filled with the sound of singing

And lights twinkle as the stars


Still people gather

And make much of a baby’s birth

And celebrate


And still when all is said and done

The world returns to its ways

Still the powerful plot and the poor suffer

Still fear and hate lead to violence


Is this all that we have?

An empty celebration that when all is said and done

Leaves the world the same dark place


No!  it isn’t

Yes, the world is indeed “a shockingly bad old place,

where wickedness flourishes unchecked,

And yet at Christmas the light came into the world


A light in the darkness

A light to show us the way

A light that at times may seem fragile and weak,


But never goes out


The light of hope, and peace, and joy

The light of love


which is kindled and flames in our hearts

so that sometimes we are kinder

and sometimes we love

and forgive

and give


And sometimes

Even as the light shines in a world murky with darkness

We gaze into the now silent skies,

And remember

And hope

And love

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Now you

“Into this world, this demented inn

in which there is absolutely no room for him at all,

Christ comes uninvited.”

                               Thomas Merton



There is so little room

For Jesus in this world

So little room for Love


It is so crowded with noise

Coming from everywhere






It is so twisted and tortured

By hate and fear


We can be a demented race, we humans

So unable to grab hold of our divine image

so challenged by the very idea

of love

so afraid of vulnerability, compassion, and generosity

stuck in fight, flight or freeze


yet into this place

into the ooze and slime and old decay (CS Lewis)

Christ advents






Bringing only himself

Which is enough


Bringing only himself

Unconditional love


Revealing his way to a recalcitrant world

Coming in love

Living love

Dying love

Rising love


And saying gently



Thursday, December 21, 2023

One question only

The CEOs sit in their offices high

Peering out over a world they own and manipulate


The politicians sit in their offices

The judges in their chambers

The preachers in their studies too

Pondering power


Plotting and planning

About how to make and remake the world


Their speculations are based on statistics and polls

And success is measured in dollars

Or perhaps



Power and wealth

Those are the standards by which they measure everything


This is not new

From Adam and Eve and the desire to “be like God”

To Cain and Able

And those who would build a tower reaching as far as heaven






It was into this world

The world of Rome

That Jesus came


Coming with a power that did not look like power

Coming with a wealth that did not look like wealth


Coming as a poor child

The progeny of common people

Oppressed people


Coming to do one thing

Illustrate the Love of God

And what that looks like when one is filled with that love


Jesus tested his behavior against one standard

The love of God

That was the beginning and the end

The Alpha and the Omega



A love that did not expect value in people

But created it

A love that looked like

Compassion, welcome, acceptance

Service, generosity




A giving of self to and for others

Not a using of others for self


God’s love



That is everything

That is the answer

Love coming down

Love dwelling in us

Love oozing from us


There will be this day a thousand chances to choose

To do the next right thing

And there is one question we must ask

One question only


What reflects God’s love?

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Always new

“The world for which you have been so carefully prepared is being taken away from you,' he said, 'by the grace of God.' (Walter Brueggemann)”

― Barbara Brown Taylor, Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith



I tried so hard

to plan my life


my days and weeks

and years

unfolded according to plans


thought out


codified on calendars

carved into my brain

and into my heart


and then

it all unraveled


life is full of surprises

life changes

shit happens


by the grace of God


not that God orchestrates what happens – oh no

God does not need my help in that regard!


it is all too often my own foolishness

or the foolishness of others

that creates the chaos


but the Sacred Presence I carry within

Spirit (with capital S)

It is that which creates

(as it always has)

new worlds out of my worlds


that is how this story goes


the advent of Jesus was a point of change

a glimmer of hope in the darkness

and Christ advents again and again

each day

in each heart


ready or not

open or not

where there is room or not


new beginnings



by the grace of God




Some historical notes:

I was a “hot shot” Presbyterian Pastor

big church and everything

successful outside I was a mess inside, and

I screwed up


God created a new direction with Northwest Medical Teams

one of the richest experiences of my life

helping the poorest of the poor

people hammered by disaster


I left NWMTI to go to a program that was a disaster (and will remain unnamed)

only to land, because of contacts made there

with Oregon Health Science University

and the amazing Department of Family Medicine

another Godwink



surprise, a decision

made while on a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan

(OHSU gave me such great opportunities)


to head to Wallowa County

where I got a job in a field I knew little about

another degree, and 13 years of developing a great progressive program


Then my side gig became my main gig

Temporary supply pastor (I have now been there 16 years)

Then Stated Clerk, and the Executive Presbyter of a Presbytery


What’s next?  Who knows (even at 72)


Blessings my friends

Never give up

Never quit

There is a new world coming

Saturday, December 16, 2023

In a time like this

Into the Darkest Hour

by Madeleine L’Engle


It was a time like this,

War & tumult of war,

a horror in the air.

Hungry yawned the abyss —

and yet there came the star

and the child most wonderfully there.


It was time like this

of fear & lust for power,

license & greed and blight —

and yet the Prince of bliss

came into the darkest hour

in quiet & silent light.


And in a time like this

how celebrate his birth

when all things fall apart?

Ah! Wonderful it is

with no room on the earth

the stable is our heart.



In a time like this

Our hearts hurt

Our stomachs roil

And our legs tremble


I times like we one peers through the gathering gloom

Desperately looking for a way forward

Through the debris of war, the detritus of lies


The smog of hate and fear lingers

Fouling the air

And leaving us short of breath


We look for glimmers

For small moments that spark joy or peace

We gasp for breath and seek to rest

But then the light is overwhelmed again

And it seems darker than before


Sometimes it seems worse

This darkness

After flickers of light

When hope grows, and is almost grasped

And then slips away

Like a jewel dropped into rancid waters


This is the season of waiting

Of longing

When love merely flickers and tantalizes

And leaves us wanting


And yet

“Into this world, this demented inn

in which there is absolutely no room for him at all,

Christ comes uninvited.”


Love comes

Out of place, insistent

Looking for a place to be born


Banished from the halls of power

From the pulpits

Rejected as weak and inconvenient


Love searches

Amongst those who do not belong

Who are not valued


“those who are discredited,

who are denied status of persons,

who are tortured, bombed and exterminated” 1


And there love is born

And stays

For it is in the desperate hearts

The excluded hearts

The broken hearts

That there is room when there is no room


There love is born and grows

Light in the darkness

A glimmer

Of hope



1.     Thomas Merton  “No Room at the Inn”

Friday, December 15, 2023

Advent Prayer

Advent Prayer

In our secret yearnings

we wait for your coming,

and in our grinding despair

we doubt that you will.

And in this privileged place

we are surrounded by witnesses who yearn more than do we

and by those who despair more deeply than do we.

Look upon your church and its pastors

in this season of hope

which runs so quickly to fatigue

and in this season of yearning

which becomes so easily quarrelsome.

Give us the grace and the impatience

to wait for your coming to the bottom of our toes,

to the edges of our fingertips.

We do not want our several worlds to end.

Come in your power

and come in your weakness

in any case

and make all things new.


Walter Brueggemann, Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth




We may feel tried

And depleted


And in our hunger yearn for God to come in power

To change it all.  Now!

To cast down the sun and moon,

To take the twinkle out of the stars


Genesis reversed

Creation cast back in darkness and chaos

We want God to rescue us, and punish them

Embrace us, and empty the world of all


do not embrace


But this God of our hearts desire

This deity of domination and retribution

Tho yearned for has not come


Generations after generation trods through history

Waiting, pleading for the eschaton

The time


For we do not need God to come

Four ghastly horsemen

All blood and desolation


What we need is for God to come in powerful weakness

To come ready to love


Ready to be born in a stable

And walk the dusty roads of life


And be with us

And talk to us

And love us


To advent with us

To come and keep coming

Like wind and fire to cleanse and fill our souls


And teach us to love



That is what we really need

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

How we heal

But you’ve got to believe in love,

So your heart can melt away.

And I know you’ll have it all someday…


You’ve got to believe in love.

When you’ve got to rise above.

You’ve got to believe in love…

          From "Believe In Love" by Enuff Z'nuff.



The air is filled with talk of war

The faithful are called to be warriors!


Warriors for God

Warriors who faithfully battle

Against the forces of darkness

Who stand firm for God

Who refused to be seduced by science and liberal ideology


The air is filled with talk of trial and tribulation

And the faithful are exhorted to overcome evil


With good, yes!

But what does good look like when the air is filled

With the vapors of domination

And when evil is inclusive and good is exclusive?


When enemies are plentiful and the elect are few?


Does it look like books banned?

People demonized? Judged? Minimized?

Does it look like the elect dominating and controlling?

Does it look like a slashed tire, outside a small rural library where a Queer librarian seeks to provide resources to youth struggling with where they land on the gender spectrum?


Does winning look like people minimized?


Cowed? Frightened? Threatened? Harmed? Killed?


I am called to believe

I am called to believe there is a power woven into this world.

A power woven into the fabric of my being, and every person’s being


And that this power is Love

Personified in Jesus

Personified too in people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter

And by my beautiful friends in the LGBTQI+ community

Who are kind, caring, generous, and precious


A power expressed through our humanity, not perfectly,

But still



I believe the world is a hurting place

I believe it needs healing

I believe we do get seduced by “the way of the world”


But the way of the world is not personified

By people who believe in science

Or people who are queer

Or by people who believe we must protect the planet

Or by those with a “liberal” ideology


But by arrogance.  And a desire to dominate, intimidate, and control

The way of the world is seen in authoritarianism and the way of intimidation

And retribution


There is a lovely Christmas carol

That says “Love has come, a light in the darkness…

Love is God now asleep in the hay.”


When I think of God’s love, my heart needs to melt, not harden

I need to become a peacemaker, not a warrior

And no, peace does NOT come through subjugation

(that is the true distortion of the Gospel)

But through service





I have got to believe

But I have to believe in Love


And I do believe

I do believe in Love, and in the fact

That if we come together, united, in love

We can heal the world

Or maybe just our small little piece of this beautiful planet

which is one incarnation of Love


We can only heal love with love


Saturday, December 9, 2023

The long journey

It has been a long night’s journey toward day

Inordinate blessings have fallen

Like gentle rain

Upon me


Privilege has stalked my path

Easing the way



A certain degree of comeliness

And a facile yet fragile mind


I have trod through life

Piling success and accomplishment upon

Accomplishment and success


And yet

As I stare at this somewhat wrinkled face

Through eyes not no longer quite work

I also see, in those eyes

In the failed smile

A profound sense of failure


It is as if the amazing giftedness I care

Has been canceled out by a failure to ignite

An inability to be my best self


This is not a new burden

I have carried this thought forever

And have used my gifts poorly at times


Flailing, striving, seeking to be born


One can make excuses

But in the end it comes down (I think)

To one basic thing

Letting one’s self be loved

And learning to love and accept one’s self


We must all, at some point

Take a journey inward

We must wander in, breaching our own defenses

Stumbling, falling, deeply into ourselves

And in that inner space

Where Sacred dwells


We must allow ourselves to be embraced

And we must embrace


Loved and loving

We must find fullness, wholeness


And then, only then

Can we journey outward


Without that inner journey,

We are fragmented inside

Scattered and unsettled


And thus we are driven, impelled

To reach out




Trying to find, perhaps create value


I have spent my life trying too hard

To convince myself, to convince others

That I have value

That I am OK


And I have convinced few

Instead I have come across opinionated (well, yes, I am)

Arrogant perhaps

Closed, definitely


Always asserting, promoting, pushing, flirting (when I was younger)


That which could not be found


Leaving behind people

Irritated, hurt, betrayed, turned off, disappointed

Rather than people

Healed, helped, encouraged, love


And I have medicated my sense of failure

In ways not helpful


And so now,

Worn and a bit tired

Wrinkly and fleshy

I am a bit tired, a bit disappointed

And still unsettled


Still seeking to find what I have from time to time found

The peace which passes all understanding


Perhaps it is not to late

To let go of all that binds

And become a person with a heart set free

And just be



(I have always wanted to be poet, but I am primarily prose.  I am embracing that

 I will never, probably, produce the short, powerful type poems that I so love from

 Souls like Jan Richardson, Mary Oliver or even John O’Donohue. I am just me, with my own weird poetic prose.  Thanks be to God)

Friday, December 8, 2023


Here is the thing

About this journey we call life


there is no map

there is no road

there is no clear destination


If we think that this life takes us

on, albeit, a certain uncertain path

where we struggle through the valley

and clamber to the heights


and finally make it to that “place that’s really swell” (Pema Chodron)


we will find ourselves in pain

striving, grasping,

holding on to things that grow heavy

and drag us down until we can barely move

and fall into despair


there are just moments

that come

and go

then come again


moments that make us stumble

and fall

others which life us up

into a semblance of joy


the trick is to catch ourselves,

gently and compassionately catching ourselves

as we move from moment to moment


pain comes and leaves, then comes again

peace comes, and leaves

then comes again


and we just put one foot

in front of the other

waiting for the advent again


of something

call it love, call it hope

call it joy, call it peace

call it Sacred, call it




and falling

stumbling in the dark

catching ourselves again, and again, and again

with compassion


and taking one more step

in to pain, into ease

into war, into peace


letting go of the expectations, the foul agendas we have embraced

letting go too, of the joy

taking one more step

one more breath


with open mind

and a heart



on our way to?


union perhaps

with that something, some One

who waits to draw us into Love

union perhaps

with those we meet along the way

union, a reconciliation, with our true self


on our way to

Advent perhaps


Once upon a time, or so we are told

One came who entered the earth fully

Who loved deeply


One who was fully himself

but who died to self

but who died

only to live


Who showed us how to make this journey

Who promised to be with us on this journey

And who calls us

To follow


To enter the earth fully

And to walk along the certain uncertain path

In union with Love

Filled with love

Ever letting go.  Ever dying to self

Ever being reborn


Starting fresh

Each day, each moment

Taking a deep breath

Shaking of the things that bind us


And taking one more step


Each moment we do

Is an Advent

The arrival in us, and through us

Of love


Until we take that final step

and in surprise

find ourselves finally and totally

lost in Love


fill me

One of my favorite stories is about the Pentecostal man who had a little trouble living an exemplary life. In fact, he was a mess.  He lied.  He drank too much.  He cheated.  His “sins” were many.


But every week, as behaviorally challenged as he was, he came to worship.

And every week he listened to the sermon

And every week he was convicted

And every week he answered the altar call and would go down front to confess and be renewed


As he made the trek down the aisle to the front of the church, where the pastor was waiting he would often chant, ”Fill me Jesus, Fill me.  Fill me Jesus fill me”


Finally, one week, one of the women in the congregation could deal with it no longer.  As he chanted “Fill me Jesus fill me: she shouted “Don’t do it, Jesus, he leaks”


The fact is

We all leak.


We can’t help ourselves

We are all a bit cracked (2 Corinthians 4)

And whatever fills us

Whatever is there at the center of who we are,

Oozes out of us


One way or another

In our words, attitudes, priorities, values, and actions.


My mother used to say “Garbage in, garbage out”

She had a point.

What we consume as food matters

What we consume emotionally, intellectually, spiritually



So we have to be careful what we consume

We have to pay attention to what we are being fed

The proof of what we are devouring is in the living


Who am I allowing to fill my plate?

What are they putting on my plate?

What am I eating?


What am I getting from my political idols?

When I listen to them speak, am I moved to be a person of love?

Or am I filled with a lust for domination and retribution?

Am I encouraged to be a better person?  Or am I dragged into the realm of hate and fear?


What am I getting from my church? (or in my case, what am I dispensing)

Am I helping people to forgive, accept, welcome, value others, ALL others?

Am I helping them to see other people as children of God?


What is the “fruit” of those times spent on the computer, watching TV, or even reading?


I’ll know by looking honestly at what leaks out of me!

Is it love?  Kindness? Patience? Generosity? Welcome?

Or is it anger? Hate? Judgement? Even cruelty?


A friend of mine, a truck driver, posted a meme on Facebook

It was a picture of a diesel engine.  The captions said.

If there is no oil under it, there is no oil in it.


Today, as I enter into yet another day,

In a world filled with strife and hate

A country divided


My fervent hope is that I will be filled with Jesus

Filled with love

That I will choose wisely what I consume!


And yes, I truly do hope that I leak!


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Those who make us blossom

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

                               Marcel Proust



It is easy these days to be churlish

From the moment we wake up (in the dark)

To the moment we go to sleep (many hours after dark)


We are assailed by annoyances and aggravations

Some minor, some profound


From the cat scratching at the bedroom door at 2am

To the dog growling at mythical beasts at 4am


From the empty shelves at the grocery store

To the myopic and thoughtless responses on Facebook


From the latest political polls

To the hate filled, lie filled venom of some political rallies

Where there is no plan for the future, but only promised retribution and cruelty

(cheered on by people caught up in the hate)


From the stark pictures of humanity’s inhumanity to humanity

The devastation in Gaza, the horror of Hamas

The warming world,

To the hard reality that your family will not be with you this Thanksgiving


We are assailed by the negative

and if we are not careful, soon find ourselves sinking

into the ooze and slime and old decay

into the swamp of our own resentments


and yet

we are Sacred children

gifted children

beloved children


we have something that, if we can stop

and breathe

go deep and settle,


will lift us up


Paul says it well in Philippians (4)

"I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me."


I am not suggesting some sort of simplistic piety

Sometimes life sucks and we are brought low


But we can rebound

And even in the face of need and want

We can find abundance


As Mary Oliver so beautifully puts it

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”


This day as I struggle with many things

(I will not list them for they may not be your “things”)

It is time, is it past time

To be grateful


and this day I am grateful for people

I am grateful for my family who love me

I am grateful for friends, who seem to be able to look past my flaws

I am grateful for the dedicated people I work with, for their determination and compassion

I am grateful for those people who grace the pews and (these days) the computer screens on Sunday morning

I am grateful for those I agree with

I am grateful for those I don’t agree with (they keep me honest and humble)


I am grateful for all those who, in so many ways

Till the soil of my soul

And make me a better person


Blessings to those charming gardeners who make my soul blossom

You may not know who you are (although I hope you do)

But I do


Thank you

Saturday, November 25, 2023

like a mighty wind

And Jesus

When he had cried again with a loud voice

Gave up the Ghost


The nephesh,

The pneuma

The breath of God which had filled him to overflowing


So that God poured out of him like a mighty wind



Ah, Holy Spirit

Breath of God


It makes sense to me

To think of the Presence of the Almighty as breath

It makes sense to think of it filling Jesus




Until he was the Son of Man

God with us


But there were others who also

Who inspired Sacred Presence

Breathed it in


People who were mostly good

Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob

People who had their issues

Ananias, Sapphira, Herod


All we are told “gave up the ghost”

Which meant, they all had it.

It was there, in Jesus and Herod


It is there in me and in you

We all, this is the mystery of life and grace

Have inspired Sacred


God is in us

As close as our breath


When we were born

God became a guest

Incarnate if you will


When we were born

We became the cradle into which Christ was born


And we carry the Sacred with us

Throughout our lives

The more open we are to that Spirit

The more we breathe God in

The more our lives are shaped by God’s presence


But all of us

From Jesus to Herod

From a person like Rosemary Carter

To the worst person you can think of


Carries the pneuma

In Spiritu


And that presence will not leave

Until our time on spaceship Earth is done

Only then

Do we give up the ghost


Today I am going to look for the “ghost”

The nephesh/pneuma of God


I am going to look for it in the wind that bends the trees

In the frosty breath of the horses


I am going to look for it in each person I meet

Each person I see on the news


In the rise and fall of each chest

I am going to seek God




And I am going to know

That as long as there is breath, there is God


And there is hope

For change, for transformation,

For goodness

For love