Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced!

Arthur Darby Nock

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
And only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Browning

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly,
God is the electricity that surges between them
                                                            Martin Buber

Who are you?
I am not sure I know, but I’d like to!
I’d like to know what makes you tick
How you think, what you feel
What you a passionate about,
What gets you up in the morning

Who am I?
I’d like you to know!
At least I think I do.

I’d like you to know what I love
What is going on in my monkey brain
What I fear
What hurts

I am not talking about playing it safe here
Being real is never safe
And when two people actually make a connect
That is authentic and vulnerable

It can be rather shocking!

Sometimes it stings
Sometimes it hurts
But when the current flows

Something happens
Call it electricity
Call it love
Call it God

And we are transformed

We are changed from encapsulated egos
Fearful and striving
Into beings bound together by something big

That which is immanent and transcendent
Becomes intimate and finite

I and It
Becomes I and Thou

“I” and “me”
Becomes “us”

And Sacred becomes real
In our connection with one another

We don’t need theology
Or ideology
We don’t need earthly power
Or wealth
We don’t need border walls
We don’t need a booming stock market

We need each other
For it is in love of other another

That the kingdom comes

Monday, November 12, 2018

transforming our pain

All of us experience the absurd, the tragic, the nonsensical, the unjust… if we cannot find some way to transmute our wounds into sacred wounds, we invariably become cynical, negative or bitter… if we do not transform this pain we will most assuredly transmit it, usually to those closest to us…
                                                                        Richard Rohr

In those quiet moments
As the wind blows in the firs
And the snow falls

Sometimes when the monkey brain quiets
And in the relative calmness thoughts emerge from their hiding places
Deep within my soul

I realize just how much life has touched me
for good and for ill

I realize that I have been shaped and molded
By all that has transpired

There have been victories that have built me up,
given me reason for pride
And there have been failures and fears that placed me
Among the walking wounded

And what I have come to understand
that it is absolutely critical, for me to be aware
of that which I carry with me

for what I carry I share
knowingly or not

If I carry pain, I share pain
If I carry hate, I share hate
If I carry fear, I share fear

What I carry I pass on, to those around me

That is not all bad
For if I carry love, that is what I pass on
If I carry hope, or joy, or peace, that too

It is all contagious!

There is nothing wrong with any of it
Life happens, and we are always moving from joy to anger
From peace to fear, from love to hate

But we must choose what we carry
And that we do not want to pass along, we must allow to be transformed
We must hold it, accept it,
We must release it, and allow it thus to be changed

Just as Jesus held on to his pain, his fear, his anguish
And allowed it to become resurrection

What is it I hang on to?
You can see it in what I pass on!
What is it you hang on to?
You can see it in what you pass on!

This is why I feel so much compassion these days
For the fearful hoarders
And the angry haters
For they are merely passing on their own misery

I will always be a mixed bag
There will always be times when what I pass on, is my wounds

But there will also be times when what I pass on is love, and healing, hope and peace
When my wounds become sacred
And an instrument for not only my own healing
But for the healing of those around me

Friday, November 9, 2018

white knuckle righteousness

Authentic spirituality is always seeking “daily bread’ to feed the starving parts of our soul, and fresh and “living water” to fill our reservoir instead of allowing the dark waters to develop toxins and poisonous algae – which largely happens at a slow, certain, and unconscious level.  Thus both Jesus and Buddha say the same thing:  “Stay awake!”
                                                            Richard Rohr, “Just This”

I have to admit
I have a hungry soul
I want love
I want hope
I want peace
I want joy

I want it all!

And yet I often remain hungry
Which is not all bad

For being hungry I seek
And seeking is a good thing

For it is all to easy to settle into the dark waters
of legalism, and dogma

it is all too easy to
to stop seeking
stop being open

to let the living water become a stale pond
of cultural norms
and ideology

to seek safety and power
not in the fresh infusion of grace
but in rituals and rules

white knuckling righteousness
seeking to impose morality on those around us
rather than seeking true transformation
within ourselves
rather than being, through our living, catalysts for transformation in others.

Talk about a swamp!
Sometimes we are up to our necks
Sometimes we are over our heads in toxic religiosity

The good news is this
We do not have to go far to find the mystery

For that in which we live and move and have our being.
Is as near as our breath
We already have the mystery in us

And all we have to do, is wake upwhit
Become aware
Accept the presence

Then we will be fed
Then we will have streams of living water
Bubbling out of our souls

Then we will truly live
Then we will be who and what we were created to be