Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced!

Arthur Darby Nock

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
And only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Browning

Saturday, February 10, 2018


How did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its being,
We all remain
Too frightened.

Anyone out there afraid?
Afraid of failing
Afraid of bad things happening
Afraid of Muslims, or Christians
Afraid that the country will fall apart
Afraid that we are as power hunger as we seem
And as racist?

Anyone out there afraid?
To open their hearts
To open their minds
To God’s new thing

Anyone out there afraid
To take a risk?
Love the unlovable?
Ache for justice?
Mourn for the oppressed?
To say “I love you” first?

Afraid to be humble?
Afraid to turn the other cheek?

These are difficult things
These are “sacred” things
But they make us vulnerable
We might get hurt

Only radical trust in,
Radical connection to,
The Sacred
Will allow us to open ourselves to the wonder

Of love

Only the light of Sacred Presence
Will free us
to open our hearts
our minds
our hands

and give

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