Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced!

Arthur Darby Nock

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
And only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Browning

Friday, March 20, 2020

real leadership

Manipulative Leaders Create Distrust and selfishness
Transactional Leaders Create Mediocrity and complacency
Motivational Leaders Create Positivity and Action
Influential Leaders Create Growth and Empowerment
Servant-Leaders Create Authenticity and Explosive Growth
Transformational Leaders Create Change and Leave Legacies”
                                                               Farshad Asl

Will live in a quid pro quo world
In a highly transactional world

I’ll do this, if you do that!

We see it everywhere
It is the only paradigm many of our leaders understand
I’ll vote for, or against this bill, if…
you will give me money (its just lobbying, not  bribe)
you will vote for me

It is the way too many relationships are run
I will give you nice things….
if you give me sex
I will not hit you….
if you do exactly what I say, and isolate yourself from all others

It is the some parents function
I will love you and be proud of you if…
you get good grades, or do well in sports, or….

It is the way companies work
I will let you keep your job if….
you work 60 hours a week and agree to be underpaid

you all know what I am talking about

you have probably been a victim of quid pro quo
you might have played this game with others

something bad happens
when everything becomes transaction

important things can be lost

generosity can be lost
kindness can be lost
forgiveness can be lost

Today I read as someone suggested
the pandemic might be a good thing


Because it would “cull” those people
who in a highly transaction world, don’t have worth

with a little luck, this person insisted
it would kill those who from a transaction position
have little to offer

You know, the disabled
The mentally ill
The people who are homeless
Those who need some sort of aid

The old
The infirm

If those people died, it was suggested,
we could use all the money we currently spend helping them
we could use those nursing homes for “something useful”,
to help those who are valuable
those with “more to offer”

Wow!  Just wow!

To hear someone actually say out loud
They think there are too many people, and the answer is "culling"
Just allowing the poor,
the homeless,
the terminally ill,
the elderly in rest homes,
the "drains on society" to die
or actively be removed…..

As to access to health care?
Well, "medical debt is your own problem –
if you can't afford to live, then don't."

So pandemic, bring it on
The fit will live
The unfit will die

No big deal
A benefit, really!

And it occurred to me, that as bad as this is
What may be worse, is that the religion that calls itself Christian
Has made God a quid pro quo
Transactional deity

“Follow my laws
Accept Jesus
Say the right formula
Believe the right thing about the Bible

And I will give you heaven

Don’t do what I ask, and you will be tormented for eternity”

Faith has become a transaction
not a love affair

I can’t help thinking about the words for love in the Bible
Two of them are conditional, transactional

Eros, the love that happens when there is “chemistry”
when hormones decide to dance
If you are beautiful and you turn me on, I will love you.

Phileo, the love that comes when one has common values
Interests, priorities

If you support my ideology, my political views
We can be friends

But then there is agape
God’s love

What is agape all about?
As I read it, agape is love without demand
Love without conditions

Agape doesn’t love the other because they have value
Agape love creates value in the one loved

Agape love is about

It is all those things, lived out

If we want to know what agape love we need only look to Jesus
We need only read (listen to) Jesus’ words
We need only look at how he treated the poor and the outcasts,
The “little ones” of the world

Love your enemies
Do good to those who harm you
Give to the needy
Expect nothing in return

If we want to look at agape love
All we have to do is look at he cross

Where Love was given
Where it was clearly not deserved
Where forgiveness was offered to those who harmed
Where acceptance was given to those who had erred
Where peace and love (instead of retribution) were offered to those who killed

Where evil was overcome with good (love)

Jesus proved God is not transactional
God does not function according to quid pro quo
God is love
God loves
And God creates lovers

Which is of course
A different way of doing life
A better way of doing life
A much

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