Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced!

Arthur Darby Nock

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
And only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Browning

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Bottom line

The biblical notion of justice, beginning in the Hebrew Scriptures with the Jewish prophets--especially Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Hosea--is quite different. If we read carefully and honestly, we will see that God's justice is restorative. (This term has only been around for about the last twenty-five years as human consciousness has evolved.) In each case, after the prophet chastises the Israelites for their transgressions against Yahweh, the prophet continues by saying, in effect, "And here's what Yahweh will do for you: God will now love you more than ever! God will love you into wholeness. God will pour upon you a gratuitous, unbelievable, unaccountable, irrefutable love that you will finally be unable to resist."
God "punishes" us by loving us more!
It seems to me that the overall message of the Bible is really pretty simple
God never gives up on us
Not when others do
Not when the church does
No when we give up on ourselves
God just keeps covering us with love.

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