Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced!

Arthur Darby Nock

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
And only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Browning

Thursday, August 9, 2018


I wonder if this is how people always get close: They heal each other's wounds; they repair the broken skin.”
― Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

What makes life worth living?
Ability to use and abuse

Ask those who have more than they need
And find it isn’t enough

’Why spend money on that which is not bread,
and your labor on that which does not satisfy?”


How do we find what we seek
Which is closeness to the Sacred
Closeness to other people

We reach out
With compassion
And love

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