Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced!

Arthur Darby Nock

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
And only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Elizabeth Browning

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Week After

Traveling this week
to another part of the country (Kentucky)
Almost another part of the world
for the vast reaches of Eastern Oregon

I have gone from a place with magnificent mountains
more cows than people

to Chicago
to Louisville

And along the way I have been listening to a lot of conversations
And guess what people are talking about?
Yes, you got it!
The election
There is elation and agony
People who are hopeful, and people who believe the apocalypse is near
I have been variously amused, angered, and frustrated
I have listened to half truths, truths (from both sides) and downright untruth
Its hard sometimes to know how to respond
Ir is hard sometimes not to respond
But what has really hit me is this
We are really stuck!
We are stuck in our ideologies
Stuck in our fears
Stuck in our anger
Even stuck in unreasonable positive expectations
I've been reading a humorous but accurate book on philosophy 
and hit a little section  on "absolute relativity"
to quote
"Much philosophical error stems from treating relative points of few as thought they were absolute
 The opposite error is possible too.  We may attribute relativity to something that is absolute. ... Keep in mind these thoughts on relativity the next time you send out for Chinese food - or, as the Chinese call it, food."
I find that I must remember that my place is realtive
shaped by my faith
shaped by my work
shaped by people I have met along the way
shaped by the people who have taught me and shaped me.
So as I feel the urge to gloat
or be angry
or frustrated 

I have to remember... this is my place
That is their place.... I may not be there
but they are... 
and they have gotten to where they are much in the same way I got to where I am...
and I have to respect that!

As I was listening to anger and fear 
and frustration... I had to got to a place where I could remember
that if things had turned out differently
I would be in the same place they are
reacting, probably the same way.....
and that leads me to realize that
I don't know it all
I don't undestand it all
I may be wrong
It's all scarily realtive
Yes, there are some absolutes
be we even pick our absolute
it is an absolute that we must take care of the poor
for others it is an absolute that... well
there are many options
So it comes back to this
What we need right now is to take some deep breaths
To listen, more than we talk
To put ourselves inside the other person's pain and fear
To have compassion
To seek to understand
We only succeed as a country
When in humility we realize there is good and bad
on both ends of the spectrum
When we stop demonizing each other
When we stop feeding fear, and start nourishing hope
When we stop grasping and start giving
When we stop hating, and start looking at one another with the eyes of compassion
When we stop hurting and start helping
When we pull together
And realize we are all in this together
Oh, one more thing
To me it also reminds me that we must 
As a nation be more spiritual
not religious, there is more than enough of that
but spiritual
In touch with the sacred
In touch with the God in us
But also aware of the God in that person
Who voted differently from us
We need God
We need each other!

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